Missing in action……

Well not really missing more I’ve been busy trying out a new printer/manufacturer for quality items to print my artwork on. It’s such a labor intensive process resizing art, setting up the new product, writing descriptions, putting in all my tags etc etc. Mind you after looking at my googles analytic page and seeing I’ve only had 1 organic search and the rest of my visitors have come from Facebook page, Instagram page and etsy page I seriously wander why I bother using tags but apparently they are very important in the scheme of things. Things like SEO and page ranking and eventually maybe in the far future I might actually be found on a search for french bulldog stuff. A girl can dream lol. Anyway I now have  french bulldog polo shirts and jumpers (I think they are called sweatshirts in USA) and things like crew neck t-shirts  and v-neck t-shirts have dropped $3 in price having found a cheaper print mob.


The other reason I’ve been flat out is of course the lovely Nova (the frenchies have their own facebook page if you want to follow their journey Scotton french bulldogs who is now 59 days pregnant due to drop at any moment. She was x-rayed last Friday to get an idea if she can give birth naturally (Vet wants us to try natural birth but is only 5mns up the road if we run into trouble) and how many are in there. As Nova is so big she didn’t want to go on her back for the x-ray and we didn’t want to stress her out they were only able to x-ray from the side – definitely 4, possibly 6, maybe more so we still don’t know but I guess time will tell all.

55 day xray

Whelping area is ready for her and puppies. It is now a waiting game with half my day and night massaging her poor belly which is huge (photo taken at day 57).


This was after rubbing her belly for an hour she was settled in waiting for Dr Who to come on lol. I do feel for her she is so big and uncomfortable especially when all the babies start wriggling – you can see her skin push out when they are pushing on the sides lol.

Anyway today is day 59 for her, milk is starting to fill her boobies fingers crossed she’ll go into labor in the next 48hrs.

Both Saphy and Shrek are going well – not really happy about all the attention that Nova is getting but when they try to push in she turns savage and fair enough to she’s the one that is pregnant lol. I love this photo of Saphy so I’ll leave you with this while I go back to tummy rubbing duties.

Hope all had a lovely ANZAC day remembering those who fought and died for us to have the freedom we have today.



Happy easter :-)

The fur kids

So when I last left you I was off to start building Nova her whelping area. After a bit of cursing and cussing as the box is slightly wider than my hallway (we are talking 2cms for heaven sake) and neither the wall nor the box can be widened or shortened pfft. After some head scratching a bit of chocolate to help the thinking process a solution was obtained. 17862761_10155261204369626_6780070999559524399_n

Her bed is just in for the moment to encourage her to suss it out. I used a kids sand box, put a waterproof cover down (protect the ancient floor boards), vet bed on top. Cost was $90 all up which was much easier to spend than $400+ for one to be built. So even when you are non technical you just have to get creative lol.

I opted to use our hallway as it is only 1.1mx3m so will be easier to heat and keep warm than the spare bedroom which is cold and drafty brrr. So feeling I achieved something I went back to procrasting and instead of working on my malikapetart.com website I played with the dogs trying to get that omg photo of a lifetime or even just a half way decent one (I’m not picky lol). So from 150 photos I got 3 decent ones – my odds are improving lol. IMG_7088

My favourite photo so far of Shrek and Saphy. Shrek looks like he is just having fun whereas Saphy looks like she is on a mission – eyes are on the ball.

Online selling

Ok blog time on selling online Journey. So I currently have 1 website (malikapetart.com) and 2 etsy shops (etsy.com/au/shop/malikapetart and etsy.com/au/shop/frenchbulldogstore). The malika pet art etsy shop gets the occasional sale so something is working ok there however ok is not going to allow me to keep my frenchies in the luxury they expect to be kept in. I get no organic traffic to the website driven by just internet searches. When I post on instagram I’ll get some views but no sales. The french bulldog store is a side experiment to see if narrowing my focus will work better than having multiple animals.

Now I’m trying to decide if I ditch the website as it costs $35 a month to run with no income generated so I’m already behind the 8 ball and until I settle on using all my artwork or just french bulldog specific artwork then its not worth stressing myself out over making changes, adding listings, creating adds etc. What I’m likely to do is just leave it to carry on in the background without me until my focus is set.

Right now I am on the right track of narrowing my focus and time which should help with my habit of procrastinating or over the top multi tasking that achieves nothing – and they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks (I’m not that old though just a spritely 47 lol). So my next step is to populate the french bulldog store with more products so I can more truley assess it against malika pet art.

So between last post and this – I have built a whelping box, took some great photos (here’s another one to keep your interest lol),IMG_7047

Made a decision on what to focus on and commenced working on the 2 etsy sites. I’ve booked time in for me tomorrow to do some painting as all this business stuff just sucks the fun and creativity out of life and when you finally get your ahead above water you realise that a whole week has gone and your still just treading water. So forward with my plan to start swimming (instead of option A drowning or option B treading water) and spend my time more productively between the dogs, the on line selling and the pure joy of just painting.

On that note we are off to the parents for easter lunch and I need to get out of my pjs and get dressed lol. Have a safe and happy easter everyone and I’ll leave you with 2 of my new designs that I just know you’ll want to go and buy straight away :-).b2df5a07-c4bc-486c-90e5-5b41421d5001









Doing to many things at once!

I imagine we are all guilty of this but gee I think I’ve taken things to a new level. I am working on and have open on my computer screen – the malika art pet website  (doing tweaking and generally avoiding being proactive), my 2 etsy shops (working on building up my french bulldog store whereas the malika pet art store is happily bubbling along), have just finished fine tuning this site, putting orders in, editing customers photos to use on products they have ordered and on my phone I am reading facebook, posting to instagram and playing pokemon (don’t judge me lol).

Now before you get all impressed and think wow she’s a superwoman I’m actually not I am getting less done than if I only focused on 1 thing at once. If your anything like me though you probably want it all done yesterday. So I decided to write this post to refocus myself and pick 1 thing to work on for the next hour.

Now I hear you thinking I wander what she’ll pick and how she’ll pick it. Well after looking through all I have to do I have chosen to do none of the above (except write this little post) and go with option z (which wasn’t even on my list lol). Option Z you say what on earth else could she find to do (as you mutter under your breath this chick takes procrastinating to the next level) lol. My frenchie girl is due to have puppies in about 14 days so even though that is  14 days away and plenty of time I feel the need to start building her a whelping area.

So on that note I am going to stop waffling and go off and see if I can achieve finishing at least 1 thing in the next hour :-). Poor Nova just wants to be left alone but Shrek keeps trying to sit on her.


The last 3 months of the start of the journey.

So after my work contract ended just before Xmas I sat down to have a think about what I would like to do next. I had been doing my pet portraits for about 16 months and wondered what to do with the paintings I had done for me and also what sort of add on I could offer customers who had commissioned a painting of their furry loved ones. From this the idea to look into having my work printed on quality products became a reality.

Being a bit of a perfectionist the setting up of this website took much longer than expected making sure my artwork was correctly sized for each product. As I didn’t know what items would people want I may have gone a bit over the top with all the different items I picked lol.

The next part of this initial journey will be to narrow the amount of items available or to narrow the type of animals I use to print. I’m currently playing with the idea of just making this a french bulldog site as I have 3 and love to paint them and their antics.

The question is what would the consumers want? This I will ponder on until I have a light bulb moment lol. helbw